Arabi e Normanni in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

Arabi e Normanni in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

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In the period between the IX and XII centuries, while the southern regions of Italy were under the control of the Byzantines and Longobards, Sicily was being conquered by the Arabs, who for almost two centuries dominated these territories.

The Muslims of Sicily expanded their reign also to some coastal areas of Southern Italy in Calabria, Puglia and Campania. In the first half of the XI century, for the first time, the southern regions were united under a unique reign. The Norman Reign was characterised on the administrative level by a very effective apparatus, whereas on a social level by the peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups, each with its own religion.

From a cultural point of view, this coexistence resulted in a fusion of great cultural traditions – the Greco-Byzantine, the Latin-Norman and the Arab cultures. This period represents for the history of the European civilization a moment of great vitality an creativity, as is testified by the extraordinary architecture and decorative arts of this time.

This publication aims at describing the historical, political, social and cultural events that occurred in Southern Italy and Sicily during this fascinating period.

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