Bisanzio in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

Bisanzio in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

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A book on the history of Byzantium and Byzantine Art in Southern Italy, authoritative and well structured in a linear and attractive style that will make it accessible to those readers that are interested, but not necessarily specialists, in the subject of Byzantine Sicily and Southern Italy.

The text is written by two scholars and is accompanied by stunning color illustrations which render the book particularly spectacular. The period of Byzantine domination represented an important moment in the history of Sicily and Southern Italy from a cultural as well as artistic point of view.

The book isdivided into:

- An ample historical introduction describing the colonization of the Byzantine Empire in the Mediterranean in the VI and VIII centuries, at the height of Byzantine power.

- A second section that treats the history of Byzantine domination  from the IX to XI centuries.

- The diffusion of Byzantine art in Italy and Southern Italy. The text is enriched with stunning photography of both famous buildings and objects, which will help the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

- A final section with the most famous ancient sites where the best examples of Byzantine art and architecture can be found: the Duomo and Palatine Chapel in Palermo, the Duomo of Monreale and that of Cefalù.

  • ISBN 88-7057-196-3
  • 300 pages with elegant presentation case,

    350 full-colour illustrations,

    large-format 27 x 31,6 cm

    Italian-language edition

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