Casa Mundi

Casa Mundi

This volume shall showcase a well-reasoned selection of fascinating houses photographed by the renowned architecture photographer Massimo Listri. These houses reflect the personality of the people living in them, and the creative vivacity of their architects and designers.

Some of these houses exhale sensations of carefully-considered functionality, like the mini apartments in New York, some other invite you to a silent meditation, like the Villas in Bali, immersed in a tropical garden surrounded by a swimming pool or a quiet mountain house in Cortina, in the Italian Alps. Many of these charming houses belong to well known personalities such as fashion designers, actors, writers, famous international entrepreneurs and therefore express a sign of conspicuous wealth. Some may appear definitely kitsch, others are simply superb. Anyone would love to own such a house, even simply for a dream holiday.

  • ISBN 978-88-7057-222-3
  • 472 pages

    about 500 full-color images,

    Italian edition,

    23,5x26 cm format

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