Civiltà delle Ville Venete

Civiltà delle Ville Venete

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The title "Civilization of the Venetian Villas" suggests an intention to investigate the phenomen "Villa" in its varieties and richness....the anxiety to understand certain architectonic solutions.

This book is an invitation to travel throughout "Veneto" enchanted by the myth of Venice, its treasures of art and civilization. It is also important to visit the countryside to unveil the secrets of the Serenissima. Here one can understand the greatness of Venice, its refinement and richness. The Villas are expressions of power and reflect also the friendly and warm-heartedness of Venetian people. This book is a wonderful tool to admire some of the most enchanting Venetian villas, such as "La Rotonda", La Villa di Maser or "La Rocca Pisana".

  • ISBN 88-7057-043-6
  • 516 pages, 438 full-colour illustrations, 25 black and white illustrations,

    English-language edition, German-language edition.

    Italian-language edition out of stock.

    large-format (27x31,6 cm), cloth-bound volume in a sturdy, elegant presentation case

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