Fiume Giallo, l'anima della Cina

Fiume Giallo, l'anima della Cina

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The Yellow River is the second longest river in China, after the Yangtze, flowing 5464 km from the headwaters in the Kunlun Mountains to the Bohai Sea. This great river is considered by Chinese people the cradle of their civilization and symbolizes their spirit and strength.

It is along its course that the Han culture - the main ethnic group in China - developed and not far from here the Xi’an clay army was brought to light. During the long and rich Chinese history, the Yellow River has been considered a blessing as well as a curse and has been nicknamed both “China’s Pride” and “China’s Sorrow”. Over the centuries, the sediment in the Yellow River blocked several times its course and that of its tributaries, causing devastating flooding in the nearby provinces, leaving thousands of people homeless.

This large format illustrated book will offer the reader an overview of this breath-taking journey. Each chapter will describe a section of the travels of the photo-journalist Aldo Pavan along the river and nearby areas of interest, combining the stunning photography with texts giving insight into the everyday life and history of the people. Furthermore, the essays will describe the great variety of cultures, religions, ethnic groups and landscapes, that the traveller encounters along the way.

The protagonist of this book is not only classical China, but also the less renowned areas, such as the Tibetan plateaus, the lamaseries, the spectacular agricultural terraces, the Mongolian deserts, the mosques, the Buddhist monasteries, and the Islamic region. This volume emphasizes the lesser-known aspects of Chinese culture, from the life of the nomadic peoples, to the ethnic festivals, and the great value historical cities which belonged to the Mandarins and give evidence to the rediscovery of ancient China that survived the cultural revolution.

  • ISBN 978-88-7057-229-2
  • 272 pages,

    183 full-colour illustrations,

    Italian edition,

    format cm 25 X 26,5

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