Gange, lungo le acque sacre

Gange, lungo le acque sacre

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India's holiest river, the Ganges, winds some 2.500 kilometres through the country, from its headwaters on the Himalayan glaciers past the villages and cities of the Gangetic Plain to the Delta's thousand fingers in the Bay of Bengal between India and Bangladesh.

Aldo Pavan and his camera trace the route of this sacred river, capturing its beauty and its many different phases and moods. Along the way, we meet pilgrims, sadhus, fishermen, farmers, weavers, merchants, hairdressers, snake charmers and others whose lives are spent along the river's bank.

  • ISBN 88-7057-189-0
  • 336 pages,

    267 full-colour illustrations,

    13 black and white illustrations,

    large-format cm 25x26,5

    Italian-language edition

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