I Romani in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

I Romani in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

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At the beginning of the III century b.C. Rome, the main political and military power of central Italy, began to express its interest for the southern territories, wishing to control also the cities of Magna Grecia, rich in agricultural and merchant activities.

Rome was attracted by their favourable position in the Mediterranean, crossroad of important commercial routes. The aim of this publication is to highlight the effects of the Roman domination in Sicily and Southern Italy until the IV century a. C.

The authors will take into consideration the division of Southern Italy into regiones, promoted by the Emperor Augusto: Latium, Apuliaet Calabria, Lucania et Bruttium andSicilia. The volume is divided into three parts, the first describes the geo-political situation of Southern Italy before the conquest. The second part focuses on the Romanization of Magna Grecia, in particular the juridical and political aspects of the conquest, but also the geographical and military ones. This section is dedicated also to the description of the Architecture, Art, Urbanistic, Religion, and everyday public and private life, Agriculture, Commerce and Economy.

Furthermore, it deals with the crossroad that connected the numerous productive and merchant centres with each other and with Rome,  but also the manufacturer activities, the Greek and Roman coins. The third part refers to Sicily. Already in 212 b.C. Sicily was the first province of the Roman Empire. In the entire history of Ancient Civilization the Roman Empire was unique for importance and extension.

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