Il Perù degli Inca e delle altre civiltà andine

Il Perù degli Inca e delle altre civiltà andine

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The history of ancient Perù embraced a broad period of time. Incas were only the last protagonist, before them many other cultures and civilizations thrived giving life to complex societies, although they ignored the existence of iron, the wheel, coins for payments and phonetic writing.

Nevertheless, all these civilizations evolved complex social structures and revealed incredible artistic qualities. They were excellent in Astronomy and organized very efficient commercial networks and ways that we continue to admire today thanks to their incredible complexity. Today we are fascinated by this "diversity" typical of the Andean civilizations, both technologically and culturally: this volume follows the thrilling historical, cultural and artistic path, on scientific and updated basis, although the authors refer to a general public.  These pages are of great interest and are accompanied by an incredile photographic campaign, especially commissioned for this book.

  • ISBN 88-7057-193-9
  • 320 pages with elegant presentation case,
    480 full-colour illustrations,

    large-format 27 x 31,6 cm

    Italian edition

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