Pompei, vita quotidiana degli antichi romani

Pompei, vita quotidiana degli antichi romani

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The ancient city of Pompeii, buried by the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79, was discovered in 1748. Its ongoing excavation has yielded detailed evidence of daily life. Lavish architectural photographs, exquisite details of ancient artworks, and a lively narrative provide a fascinating look at the daily activities of Romans in the first century.

This book provides a fascinating look at how ancient Romans mingled in their public squares and marketplaces, how they worshipped in the temples of their deities, decorated their villas, and spent their leisure time - at the theater, in the gymnasium, and in the baths and brothel.

Richly illustrated with photographs of architecture and exquisite details from a range of ancient works of art, including wall paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and carved reliefs, the book offers the reader a passport to a lost world.

  • ISBN 978-88-7057-227-8
  • 200 pages

    220 colour illustrations

    large format 24 x 28 cm

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