Sicilia, sogno di un viaggio

Sicilia, sogno di un viaggio

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From Greek influence to Romans, then the Normans and Moors and afterwards the Aragonese Swabians and Angevins. Sicily’s rich history, natural beauty, cultural heritage and flavours make this country truly unique.


You will travel from Palermo to Cefalù, from Taormina to Mt. Etna, the huge volcano, respectfully called “the Mountain” by the Sicilians, from Acireale to the splendid historic center of Enna, but also to other spectacular towns of Sicily and archaelogical remains, such as Villa Armerina, one of the best preserved Roman villas. You will see the olive groves, the oranges and citruses, another of Sicily’s emblems. And also colourful feasts, the decorated Sicilian carts and puppet recounting feats of the French knights – the Paladins.            

Sicilywas an island of great wealth in the past. For a while it had almost no competitors in the growth of citrus fruit and sugar cane. Its agriculture can even today produce substantial revenues. In past times Sicily ranked as one of the major agricultural regions of the world.

You will also move from the spectacular coasts to the lofty mountains, the Nebrodi, and then to its numerous islands, Aeolian, Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Ustica, Favignana. Each destination has its own treasures. This spectacular volume allows to celebrate this wonderful island and the beauties it has to offer.


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