Svevi, Angioini e Aragonesi in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

Svevi, Angioini e Aragonesi in Sicilia e nel sud dell'Italia

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Following the rich Byzantine and Norman period, the Swabians, Angevins and Aragonese bring Sicily and Southern Italy into the dawn of the modern period after a fascinating journey that began 2000 years before, upon arrival of the first Greek colonists. It is during these centuries that Sicily and the rest of the Kingdom appeared as protagonists of the historical events on the continent, to the point of influencing them, as during the Swabian reign, or being deeply involved in them.

Evident examples of this are the central-European relations of the Angevins that reached as far as Bohemia and Hungary and the Papacy of Avignone that found shelter and set up its splendid court in a land that was property of the Angevin Kingdom in Italy. Then, from the time Sicily and Southern Italy entered the “globalized” world of the Hispanic throne of the Aragonese, they lost, along with the Mediterranean region, their strategic importance in favour of the new horizons of the overseas territories. The volume will accompany the reader through the history, art and culture of this period which will be depicted in all its varied facets by means of an informative yet pleasant text and spectacular colour photographs, highlighting the rich tapestry of kingdoms and cultures that make Sicily and Southern Italy so fascinating.

  • ISBN78-88-7057-221-6
  • 300 pages

    about 300 colour illustrations

    format 27 x 31,6 cm

    Italian edition

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